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The Apex-Export Trade Promotion Active government organisation in India is called the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA).
APEDA’s aim is to “build a world class organisation dedicated to promote India as the supplier of choice’ of agro and value added food products in the global markets,” according to the Citizens’ Charter that organisation produced.
The leading organisation for promoting the export of fresh fruits and vegetables is APEDA. Farmers, warehouses, packers, exporters, surface transportation, ports, railroads, airlines, and everyone else involved in export trade to the global market are connected through it, which is essential.

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Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority is referred to by the acronym APEDA. It is an executive organisation that was created in 1985 as a result of a law intended to expand and promote the export of items that were planned. It offers financial support, data, and guidelines for the creation of planned products. Schedule products are those products that are listed under the APEDA Act, and exporters who wish to export such scheduled products must register themselves under APEDA.

Additionally, it moves in the direction of offering financial support for the planned products while also issuing guidelines and disseminating details on how those items are coming along.
By making a significant contribution to India’s overall export and a small portion of all industrial investment, agriculture plays a significant role in the Indian economy. The government’s policies only make it feasible for the agriculture and processed food products industries to move uniformly in the direction of growth and expansion.
The Government of India has formed the Agricultural and Processed Food Items Export Development Authority, which is tasked with carrying out export promotion and development operations for the products that have been scheduled.


Below are some of the benefits of APEDA registration:

Ensures legality– Any person or organisation wishing to export any of the products on the schedule must register with APEDA, which gives the company legal protection.

Favours the expansion and improvement of export infrastructure-Once registration is complete, exporters can use APEDA subsidies to fund the expansion and improvement of their export-related facilities, products, and marketing efforts.

Creates Awareness Amongst The Exporters– APEDA registration lets exporters learn about the most recent export quality requirements, trade shows, infrastructural support, and agricultural exchange reports.

Increasing Eligibility– Exporters can participate in a variety of APEDA-run training programmes for the advancement of their businesses and skills by getting APEDA Registration.

Offers Direction– To improve the business structure of the numerous scheduled products, APEDA Registration offers recommendations and instructions to exporters.

Facilitates Obtaining Financial Assistance– The many financial aid programmes are more easily accessible with APEDA registration.

Brand promotion– The APEDA Registration aids exporters in promoting their brands in the marketplace.

Documents Required

-Details about the registered office, corporate headquarters, and branch offices.-A properly completed and sealed copy of the application form.
-A self-certified copy of the Director-General of Foreign Trade’s Import Export Code (IEC).
-Bank certificate in the required format to attest to the applicant’s sound financial standing.
-A certified copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the company, the partnership agreement for the partnership firm, the trust agreement or the Memorandum of Rules and Regulations for the trust or society.
-A certified copy of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the company, the partnership agreement for the partnership firm, the trust agreement or the Memorandum of Rules and Regulations for the trust or society.
-If applicable, information on registration with another Export Promotion Council or Commodity Board.
-Details of any sponsoring authority’s licence (DGTD, State Director of Industries etc.)


Our professionals will work on the application and procure the APEDA registration certificate after all the necessary documents have been submitted to us electronically.

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The APEDA registration is valid for life. The authority, however, has the authority to cancel it.

The following are the advantages of APEDA registration:
1-Promotes the expansion and development of export infrastructure.
2-Offers guidelines.
3-Aids in obtaining financial assistance.
4-Brand Promotion.
Every individual who exports Scheduled Products must be registered with APEDA. A person may be registered as-
A merchant exporter or a manufacturer exporter.

The APEDA Authority is in charge of promoting agricultural and processed food exports.

The Glossary

APEDA is in charge of export promotion and the development of scheduled products. APEDA authorities are assigned to carry out the following functions:

Promotion And Development– APEDA authorities are tasked with promoting export-oriented production and the development of Scheduled products.

Setting The Standards- APEDA authorities are tasked with establishing standards and specifications for scheduled products.

Enrolling The Manufacturers
On payment of the required fees, APEDA authorities register exporters of scheduled products.

Assistance with Packaging and Marketing- APEDA authorities have been assigned to assist with improving the packaging and marketing of Scheduled products.

Product Inspection- APEDA Authorities is tasked with assisting in the inspection of products in order to ensure the quality of such products.

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