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In the modern global economy, a nation’s ability to greatly increase its exports determines how successful it will be economically. Being one of the largest exporters of agricultural products to the world, India has mainstream focus on APEDA Registration for Export to guarantee both the quality and quantity of its exports on a global level. The Central Government is in charge of this important government program. 

But APEDA registration even benefits agri-based exporters. Access to specialist training sessions is provided to participants, improving the quantity and quality of their products. Additionally, by bringing together exporters and overseas buyers, the program promotes the growth of international trade. Additionally, registering with APEDA makes it easier to maintain careful export directories, optimize commodity packaging, and negotiate new agreements. By utilizing these advantages, exporters can grow their businesses.

Benefits of APEDA Certificate

Obtaining APEDA certification offers several significant advantages to a company:

  1. Legal Assurance: Legal compliance is ensured by APEDA certification, which is essential for reliable exports.
  2. Infrastructure Boost: With APEDA registration online, you take advantage of APEDA incentives, expand your business infrastructure, and access international markets.
  3. Industry Insights: Moreover, you get a chance to keep up with new standards, trade shows, and market trends.
  4. Training Support: Gain from APEDA training programs, which improve flexibility and competence in business.
  5. Guidance and Efficiency: Acquire detailed instructions, excel, and optimize processes for maximum productivity.
  6. Financial Aid: Get financial support, which promotes growth in businesses and sustainable practices.
  7. Brand Recognition:APEDA increases brand awareness, building trust, and drawing in collaborators and clients.
  8. Quality Assurance: Maintain export quality, ensuring customer trust, repeat business, and referrals.
  9. Networking: Connect with industry experts, foster collaborations, and open new market opportunities.
  10. Market Expansion: Gain insights into emerging markets and make strategic decisions for maximizing profits.
  11. Regulatory Compliance: Prevent legal complications by ensuring adherence to international trade regulations.
  12. Global Competitiveness: Adhere to global standards, positioning your business as a reliable exporter and gaining a competitive edge.

Documents Required

Here’s a list of documents required when applying for an APEDA certificate online or offline:

Import-Export Code issued by the DGFT for export

  • The signed certificate from the bank
  • Statement of Accounts for the Last 2 Months
  • A cancelled check is required.
  • GST registration certificate
  • Duly signed APEDA Registration Form

Additional Documents Required for Manufacturer Exporters:

  • Central FSSAI Registration for Manufacturers and Exporters
  • DIS/SIA issued by the Department of Horticulture in the case of food products listed under the APEDA Act
  • Certificate of incorporation of the firm (partnership firm, if required)
  • NOC from the pollution control board
  • MSME certificate (if required)
  • Halal certificate (if required)

Process of APEDA Certificate

The APEDA Certificate can be obtained online .The process has been summarized in the step-by-step process below. Take a look. 

  1. Access the APEDA website:

Visit APEDA’s website and click on the “Register as a Member” tab.

2. Basic Information Submission:

Enter your IE CODE, email address, and phone number.

Confirm details using the one-time password sent to your email and mobile.

Click Submit.

3. Document Upload:

Fill out the online application form.

Upload the necessary documents in JPEG, PDF, or PNG formats.

Save your progress; edits can be made until payment.

4. Payment Options:

Pay a registration fee of Rs. 5,000 (excluding taxes) via:

Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa)

Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa)

Demand a draft payable to “APEDA.”

5. Application Number Generation:

After payment, you will receive a unique application number for future reference.

6. RCMC Issuance and Login Details:

Upon RCMC approval, login details are sent to the registered email.

Access your account through the “Exporter Login” link on APEDA’s website.

7. Track Application Status:

Check the application status using the “Track Application” link.

Enter the IE code and application number for updates until issuance.

8. Resubmission if needed:

Monitor for any application shortcomings.

Resubmit documents online if required.

9. RCMC Certificate Approval:

Await approval from APEDA officials.

Once approved, download the APEDA certificate via APEDA. Login under “View RCMC Certificate” in the RCMC menu.

For more details, visit APEDA’s website.

Why Lunis Associates

It is undoubtedly difficult to navigate India’s complex export regulations. The difficulties of following rules governing customs, international trade, and export-import management can be burdensome for exporters. We at Lunis Associates understand these difficulties. Our specialized solutions are created to directly address the specific problems that exporters encounter.

Our expertise lies in simplifying the intricate web of regulations that often confound exporters. With a proven track record spanning over four years and a portfolio of more than 10,000 satisfied clients, we specialize in untangling the regulatory complexities. If you’re aiming for APEDA certification, our consultants offer personalized guidance. So partner with Lunis Associates.


An APEDA registration remains valid for five fiscal years. After this period, it’s necessary to renew your APEDA RCMC certificate. This registration is mandatory for exporters handling scheduled products.

For exporters, obtaining an APEDA registration is vital since it provides legal protection for their business and opens the door to numerous advantages. Exporters that are registered can seek subsidies to improve their market and export infrastructure. Besides, they also get crucial assistance, such as updates on trade events, agricultural trends, and quality requirements. Access to training programs that improve organizational and business skills is made possible by APEDA registration.

If you’re involved in exporting certain food products mentioned in the First and Second Schedules of the APEDA Act, you can apply for APEDA registration as outlined in Section 12(1) of the APEDA Act. This registration is open to both businesses and individuals in the food industry. It’s a crucial step for those dealing with these specific food items, ensuring you comply with APEDA regulations for export.

APEDA, short for Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, stands as India’s key authority, operating under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Backed by the Government of India, APEDA is like a guiding hand, ensuring that the world gets to taste the richness of Indian agriculture. From spices to grains, APEDA simplifies the complex process of exporting.

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